Toni Grates creates energy. Her spontaneous humour and unique storytelling style help engage her audiences and help her to deliver powerful, fun and uplifting speeches wherever she goes.

“Opportunity is not found – it is CREATED!”
Audience: Grade 4 and up.
Toni talks about how she set and achieved huge goals to be a professional actor and published writer by building her own doors of opportunity. She shares how she used her own personal obstacles as fuel to propel her toward huge dreams, including creating a hugely successful company (The Travelling Stage) from scratch with nothing more than a notebook of ideas and a whole lot of passion. This presentation leaves students with practical tools on goal setting, striving for excellence and succeeding in the face of adversity. Students will leave ready to build their own doors of opportunity.

Audience: Female Entrepreneurs in Years 0-3 of Business.
Toni shares her real life experiences of both her huge entrepreneurial successes and her entrepreneurial disasters in a way that leaves audiences howling. Weaving motivational speaking with her theatre background, you’ll find this presentation hugely informative and wonderfully entertaining.

“Calling all Step-Sistahs!”
Audience: Blended Families.
Toni uses her own real life family adventures as the backdrop for this uplifting and inspiring presentation on living in a blended family. A great presentation for anyone who currently lives or has ever lived in a blended family situation. Drawing from her background as a yoga instructor, comedian and professional organizer, Toni shares practical ways to deal with common blended family challenges in order to live as harmoniously as possible.